The Washington Post will publish a new weekly section called "Washington Business" beginning Monday, April 14.

The new section will be a tabloid magazine, devoted to news of the Washington area's rapidly growing business sector and the interests of investors, consumers and business people.

Announcing the new venture, Donald E. Grahmam, publisher of The Post, said "The Washington area business community is growing by leaps and failures matter vitally to everyone who lives in and around Washington.

"We want 'Washington Business' to be mandatory reading for everyone concerned with business in this area. That means people in business, consumers, professionals and people in government."

William H. Jones, deputy financial editor, will be in charge of "Washington Business," which will be produced by an expanded staff of reporters and editors.

Charles Hollingsworth, a group sales manager in The Post's advertising department, will be the business coordinator for the new section.

"Washington Business" will replace the regular Monday business section and each week will offer at least 15 addition columns of business news, charts and tables, said Peter Silberman, assistant managing editor for business and finance.

Regular features in the section will include a new column by Jones on Washington regional business trends, Jane Bryant Quinn's "Staying Ahead" column for consumers, and more news about personal investing, taxes, wills and consumer affairs.

The Business Newsmakers column will offer expanded coverage of the men and women of Washington business, and there will be more detailed reporting of Washington area conventions and business meetings. been issued by an American business in this century.

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