A Virginia newspaper accused by the federal government of discriminating against blacks has settled the case by promising to set up a $50,000 scholarship program for black journalism students.

Daily Press Inc., which publishes the Newport News Times Herald and Daily Press, will give black students four $2,500-a-year scholarships for five years.

The papers were charged by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with discriminating against blacks in hiring, promotion and job classification. wThe publisher agreed to settle the case without admitting the charges.

Requiring employers accused of discrimination to train minority workers is a standard remedy used by the EEOC, but the agency said this is the first time an employer has established a scholarship program as part of a consent settlement.

The Newport News papers will give scholarships for each of the next five years at Howard University, Hampton Institute in Hampton and Virginia Commonwealth University in Norfolk and one-year scholarships at five other colleges.

The paper also agreed to hire at least five minority summer interns and to offer unpaid training positions to nine students in advertising, circulation, news and photography.

The settlement of the EEOC complaint also calls for the company to step up its hiring of minority-group members in most job categories.