Chemical of New York Corp. reported a net income for the first quarter of the year before securities transactions of $32.5 million ($2.06 a share) compared to $30.7 million (1.94) for the same period last year.

Donald C. Platten, chairman of the sixth-ranking bank in the nation, said the major positive factors reflected in the first quarter's earnings were higher net interest income and increased service fees and foreign exchange trading profits.

Kroger Co. reported first-quarter net earnings of $12,370,905 (45 cents a share) compared to $15,459,805 (57 cents) for the same period last year. Sales for the second largest food chain in the country were $2,188,678,339 for the period this year, over $1,927,186,304 in the 1979 period. Year-ago earnings have been restated to reflect change to the last-in, first-out method of valuing grocery inventories, the company said.

Marine Midline Banks, Inc., which ranks 13th nationwide in banks, reported income rose 32.9 percent in the first quarter, but said it was unlikely to match that rate of increase in the rest of the year. Income before securities transactions was $10.4 million (77 cents a share), up from $7.8 million (62 cents) in the same period last year. Net income rose to $9.85 million (73 cents) from $7.5 million (60 cents) a year ago.

Winnebago Industries Inc. reported a sharp loss reflecting what the company called consumer concerns about the availabilty of gasoline and financing. The company reported a net loss of $3,353,923 (equal to 13 cents a share) for its second quarter ending March 1, compared with net earnings of $1,452,000 (4 cents) in the same quarter last year. Sales dropped 70 percent, from $75.3 million in the quarter a year ago to $21.5 million for the most recent quarter.

The Bank of New York Co. Inc. reported a record $13 million in income ($2.20 a share) before securities transactions for the first quarter of 1980 compared to $10.85 million ($1.79) for the same period last year. The company said the 9.9 percenta jump in income came from a 21.2 percent increase in net interest income. The company's sole subsidiary is the Bank of New York, ranked 26th nationally, with 150 branches in New York state.

IC Idustries Inc. reported first-quarter income of $22.5 million ($1.05 a share), nearly four times the $5.9 million (zero cents) earned in the first quarter of 1979. Chairman William B. Johnson said the major factors in the improved results were strong performances by the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad and by the Abex Corp.

CBS Inc. reported first quarter net income of $13 million (47 cents a share), down from $17.8 million (64 cents) for the same period last year. The company said foreign exchange losses caused more than two-thirds of the drop. It also blamed higher net-work and higher news-gathering costs.

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. reported first-quarter earnings of $73.5 million ($1.67 a share fully dilluted), up from $56 million ($1.28) in the same 1979 period, although the company said aluminum shipments for the quarter were down to 249,700 tons from 260,300 tons in the quarter a year ago. Higher international prices, from affiliates in Europe and Australia, were credited for the earnings increase.

Libbey-Owens-Ford Co. reported net income of $7.1 million (32 cents a $6.1 million (44 cents a share), down sharply from $21.7 million ($1.85) in last year's period. The company said the most recent net reflects a pre-tax charge of $10.2 million for the closing of three plants, as well as continued slow auto and housing production.

Howard Johnson Co. reported net income of $7.1 million (32 cents a share) for the first quarter compared to $6.63 million (31 cents) in the 1979 period, despite what the company called slumping restaurant sales. The company gained $1.7 million in income from the sale of a restaurant and motor lodge to the state of Texas for highway construction.