Recent agreements by international lending and finance institutions based in Washington

Support for $197.1 million in U.S. export sales to purchasers in Cyprus, the Bahamas and Britain, including a $2.3 million loan to Cyprus Broadcasting Co. to purchase television broadcasting equipment from Ampex Corp. of California; a $4.35 million loan to Bahamasair, the Bahamas government-owned airline, toward the purchase of one B737-200 aircraft and parts from Boeing Co. and a guaranteed $54 million privately sourced loan for purchase of three Boeing 747 passenger aircraft and one Boeing 747 freighter jet by British Airways.

Financing for $64.8 million in U.S. export sales to companies in Italy, the Bahamas, Spain and Yugoslavia:

Istituto Mobilaire Italiano, an Italian financial holding company, will borrow $10.7 million from Ex-Im Bank to finance $17.9 million on construction equipment from several U.S. suppliers.

The Bahamas Electric Corp. received a loan of $3.4 million toward the purchase of equipment needed to install a steam generator on the island of New Providence (Nassau).

Jugoslvenki Aerotransport, Yugolslavia's largest airline, received $14.4 million in direct credit from the bank toward the purchase of two Boeing 727-200 jet aircraft and related spare parts.

Financial assistance for $108.6 milliion in U.S. export sales to firms in Korea, Israel and India:

Korea Integrated Special to Steel Co. Ltd. received a direct credit of $3.65 million from the bank to assist in the purchase of supply equipment and services from Waterbury-Farrel Co. of New Haven, Conn.

The United Mizrahi Bank Ltd. of Tel Aviv received a $4.6 million increase in a $3.4 line of credit that Ex-Im Bank had approved in November 1979. The line will be used to finance $19 million in medium term U.S. goods and services for various Israeli buyers.

The Indian Airlines received a $35 million loan toward the purchase of six Boeing 737-200 aircraft with spare engines, spares and ground support equipment.

Support for $192 million to All Nippon Airways Co. ltd. for the purchase of four Boeing 747 short range aircraft. Ex-Im extended a $76.8 million credit to All Nippon at an annual interest rate of 8.25 percent

A $45 million loan to Interamerican de Alumina C.A. of Venezuela to finance $60 million in U.S. equipment and services for construction of an alumina plant. The bank also loaned $42.5 million to C.A. Energia Electrica de Venezuela for the purchase of $50 million in U.S. goods and services needed to expand the a thermal power station.