DESCRIPTION: Second-largest of some 60 S&Ls in the greater Washington area with 11 offices including the main D.C. headquarters tower, with subsidiaries engaged in real estate development, insurance and mortgage banking. It is a mutual S&L, owned by depositors. 1979 REVENUES: $61.2 million. DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: $39.1 million. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS: $537.3 million. MORTGAGE LOANS: $632.6 million. FOUNDED: 1890. TOP EXECUTIVES: John W Stadtler, chaiman and chief executive; Thomas M. Walsh, vice chairman; Edgar F. Peterson, president and chief administrative officer.

While assets and first mortgage loans were up at National Permanent, savings and net earnings experienced a decline. Despite the dropoff in earnings, which was attributed to the competition from money market funds and other high interest instruments, the association transferred $3.5 million into reserves. Reserves at the end of the year totalled $46.5 million compared to $42.9 million at the end of 1978. Stadtler recently told shareholders that the Carter Administration's anti-inflation program is a "step in the right direction" but pointed out that the request for a withholding tax program on interest paid to savers could prove detrimental as is runs counter to the need for increased personal savings.