George H. Kress of Bethesda and James F. Delany of Vienna have combined their skills in inventing a novel "variable terrain vehicle" for the handicapped that was granted U.S. Patent No. 4,194,584 on March 25.

The vehicle, which is electrically powered, embodies four independent caterpillar tracks so the vehicle, which replaces a wheel chair, can travel over any kind of solid terrain. It can go up steps, over curbs, rough ground, and in fact travel almost anyplace. It can climb a 45-degree grade with no trouble at all.

The two inventors are at the moment trying to get an HEW grant in order to develop and build the first full-sized vehicle.

The wording of the patent for this novel vehicle is such that the vehicle also can be adapted to many commercial and military uses and be manufactured in any size desired and powered with an internal combustion engine. Its uses are unlimited. MARYLAND

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