Officials from nine Maryland counties, the cities of Columbia and Baltimore and the Greater Washington Board of Trade will travel to the "Silicon Valley" research and development corridor of northern California today to continue Maryland's efforts to get the electronic industry to expand in its direction.

The three-day visit by public and private officals to woo companies that manufacture computer components follows on the heels of a like-minded delegation of state economic development specialists led by Gov. Harry Hughes.

Today's group includes economic development specialists from Montgomery and Prince George's counties and officals from other counties, who will travel to the area south of San Francisco at the counties' expense.

The 19-member delegation expects to meet with representatives of 40 firms, including seven described as "good prospects."

"These are firms interested in hearing more about Maryland but who have made no commitments," said a spokesman for the Maryland department of economic and community development.

The trip is the latest installment in a continuing series of efforts by Maryland to attract the semiconductor industry away from Silicon Valley. The semiconductor industry manufactures tiny computers and data processors on silicon chips, which are the brains for pocket calculators, digital watches and electronic toys, among other devices.