John A. Jefferson of the District has been granted a patent for an ice chest to be secured to the upper rear end of a motorcycle. This is certainly a long-needed and most-welcome invention by motorcycle enthusiasts. The chest contains a compartment for fresh water with a faucet, separate ice and dry compartments and supports for a number of beverage containers.

Patents granted in the past month to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District, compiled by Joseph O. Evans for Washington Business. MARYLAND

Clifford B. Baker and James L. Keirsey, both of Rockville. Hypersonic Modular Inlet. Patent No. 4,194,519. 8 claims.

Robert P. Barner, et al., Rockville. Loop Configured Data Transmission System. Patent No. 4,195,351. 11 claims.

Michael P. Bey and Paul P. Bey of Temple Hills, Md. Digital Color Densitometer and Exposure Meter. Patent No. 4,194,838. 14 claims. c

Harry E. Dice Sr. of Silver Spring. Pick-Proof Lock. Patent No. 4,194,379. 5 claims.

Thomas M. Foti of Potomac. Probe for Nystagmus Testing. Patent No. 4,194,512. 10 claims. Nystagmus, from a Greek root meaning drowsiness, involved the involuntary rapid movement of the eyeball, usually from side to side. Condition can be caused by fluid in ear canal which is what this invention is all about.

Arthur F. Standing of Rockville. Low-Power Voltage and Current Diode Driver. Patent No. 4,196,381. 6 claims. VIRGINIA

Thomas J. Lennox of Springfield. Method of Determining the Presence of Stray Electrical Currents in a Solution. Patent No. 4,195,055. 4 claims.

Maynard L. Bechtel of King George. Head Movement Indicating Device. Patent No. 4,196,524. 8 claims. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

John A. Jefferson. Motorcycle Ice Chest. Patent No. 4,195,757. 8 claims.

Alfred D. Granite. Breathing Apparatus. Patent No. 4,196,728. 7 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bonds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.