Trak Auto, a subsidiary of Dart Drug, has agreed to pay more than $15,000 in back pay to four workers who were fired after they signed cards supporting union representation.

The company agreed to reimburse the workers for more than 100 percent of wages lost as the result of the discharge rather than go forward with a hearing on a National Labor Relations Board unfair labor practice complaint, according to an attorney for the union.

The NLRB issued a complaint against Trak in response to charges by Local 400 of the United Food and Commercial Workers. Local 400 charged that the workers had been dismissed unfairly in September for engaging in union activities, according to attorney Carey Butsavage.

According to Butsavage, the four workers, Lyron C. Hardin, Darryl Childress, Ronald Smith and Robert Andrews, signed the union authorization cards shortly after three Trak outlets were opened in the Washington suburbs. Since then, the union organizing campaign has been derailed.

"They fired the people so fast and get organized," he said. The four men had sought only back pay and not reinstatement, he said.

But Savage said the settlement also required Trak to post a notice saying it won't interfere with employes' rights to self-organization.