It turns out that the people from E. F. Hutton also listen to themselves.

Especially when they've come up with an innovation as profitable as a plush investment office on the second floor of the International Square complex at 1859 K St. NW, opened in September 1977.

That Hutton branch may not look like a stock brokerage. There is no big office with lots of desks and a wall unit that flashes instant New York Stock Exchange trading information. Instead, there are private offices for each investment specialist.

There were some doubts that former Reynolds Securities broker Perry Bacon would do much business from his experimental enclave.

But Bacon never had doubts, and the K Street prototype has been so successful that Hutton has decided to try to duplicate the operation in temporary quarters at 427 N. Lee St. in Alexandria. The reason: Bacon's Washington branch of Hutton has become the national securities firm's best single office, in terms of revenues per salesperson.

To staff the Alexandria branch, Bacon has lured away several top salespersons from other companies. From A. G. Edwards, Hutton attracted Lawrence Merrill, Regis Keddie II and Darrell Landon. From Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith came Ernest Copley III. Jim Sonenfeld and John Mincey moved over from Dean Witter Reynolds, and Steve Cassaday left Johnston, Lemon & Co.