Technology Catalysts Inc. of Arlington has obtained an interest in and will promote the plastic specimen removal instrument invented by Arthur M. Harris of Hollywood, Fla., according to R. L. DiCicco, president of the firm.

Harris obtained Patent No. 4,200,111 for his instrument April 29.

Surgeons have long desired a disposable instrument that can be obtained at a reasonable cost (retail about $15) that will replace the more expensive instruments now on the market. Present-day specimen removal instruments are made of metal, bend easily and are exceptionally hard to clean. The Harris instrument is made of plastic and is low enough in cost to be disposable after each operation. Metal instruments of this type retail for approximately $200. Market estimates for this instrument are between $70 million and $90 million.

Recently the Senate passed and sent to the House a bill its sponsors said would encourage inventions by making it easier for inventors to secure patents resulting from government-sponsored research.

Present patent policy usually requires government contractors and grant recipients to allow the funding agency to own any patentable discoveries.[TEXT OMITTED FROM THE SOURCE] can show that he should retain the patent rights, but this is a lenghy process.

The bill would make it a normal rule that small businesses and nonprofit organizations would have the right to elect to retain worldwide owndership of their inventions. They would have to make this decision within a certain time after disclosing their invention.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District. MARYLAND

James R. Griffith, et al, of Riverdale, Alkanediamide-Linked Polyphthalocyanines Coordinated with SnCL2. Patent No. 4,195,166. 1 claim.

James H. Stubbings of Rockville. Power Shear Yoke Construction and Ball-Bearing Assembly. Patent No. 4,195,407. 14 claims.

Walter P. Christoph of Riverdale. Electrolytic Signal Detector with an Orifice Cathode. Patent No. 4,197,522. 10 claims.

Nick Karayianis and Donald E. Worthman, both of Rockville. Submillimeter Wave Generation Using Surface Acoustic Waves in Piezoelectric Materials. Patent No. 4,197,483. 13 claims.

Wallace Knutsen of Silver Spring. Fiber Optic Laser Beam Detector. Patent No. 4,197,454. 7 claims.

Richard K. Maughlin of Great Mills and Ronald D. Moore of Hollywood. Banner Towing Adapter. Patent No. 4,196,876. 14 claims. VIRGINIA

Tibor G. Horwath of Arlington with Clarence F. Ramstedt of San Diege. Instrusion Detection Apparatus. Patent No. 4,197,529. 16 claims.

Harish R. Anada of Vienna. Process for In Situ Coal Gassification. Patent No. 4,197,911. 10 claims.

Harry F. Hale of Petersburg, Lewis R. Hackler of Hopewell and Raymond J. Biron of Colonial Heights. Method for Heat-Setting Synthetic Yarn. Patent No. 4,197,606. 7 claims.

E. Vincent Patrick of Lorton, Lewis C. Spessard of Burke and Kurt Villhauer of Annandale. Microchannel Plate in Wall Fabrication, Method and Apparatus. Patent No. 4,198,225. 10 claims.

Sergius N. Luboshez of Falls Church. Method of Multi-Sheet Pleating. Patent No. 4,198,366. 9 claims. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Damon M. Gunn. Article Sorting Pparatus and Method. Patent No. 4,201,339. 9 claims.

Barbara E. Summer. Method for Making Epitazial Silicon Crystals with Uniform Doping Levels. Patent No. 4,201,623. 3 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.