Due to economic conditions, consumers across the country have a common public enemy No. 1 -- inflation. Now thanks to Andrik Associates of Alexandria, Washingtonians have some firepower to fight the spiraling costs of living in the nation's capital.

Andrea Lubershane and Erik Kanin of Andrik Associates have compiled a consumer's guide to the metropolian area. The book, The Inflation Fighther's Guide to the Washington Metro Area," lists over 1,000 stores offering the best bargains in the area on food, clothing, entertainment and even legal and medical services.

Besides being a clear and concise directiory to area merchants, complete with maps and detailed descriptions of the stores, the book also instructs people on how to be smart shoppers. It tells shopers what to look for and what to avoid when shopping; helping identify the best quality items at the lowest price available.

"if he or she (the consumer) is wise, the fight against inflation begins with being selective by cutting back on unnecessary and poorly made or shoddy merchandise and frills, and by making sure that what is bought is of good quality," said Lubershane in the preface of her book.

Lurbershane, who has a master's degree in urban planning, has always been interested in finding big-city bargins. The idea for researching and writing the book came to her after having friends constantly asking for advice on smart buys in the area. For eight months, seven days a week, the authors visited each store to do their research.

Lubershane explained the need for being a critical shopper: "When shoppin it is important to be selective, aware and even agressive." 'she added that the book is more than just a thick compendium of area discount stores.

Copies of the book are available singly or in bulk from Andrik Associates, by mail, at P.O. Box 5029, Alexandria Va. 22305, at $5.95 per copy, plus $1.00 shipping and handling, and 24 cents tax on Virginia state residents. Books are also on sale at area bookstores, but there may be some difficulty obtaining a copy till after July 8, when more copies are expected to be on the market.