Paul E. Hadlick Jr., a speech clinician in the Montgomery County school system, has been granted U.S. Patent No. 4,203,210 for a shingle striper, a simple tool that looks like a shovel. He's already sold about 700 while the patent was pending.

The tool, which is actually made from a shovel, retails for about $2 and is going like hot cakes, Hadlick says.

This is not Hadlick's first invention. He received a patent in 1960 for a desk for blind children, the braille desk, which he gave to the Montgomery County schools. They now have nine of the desks. And Hadlick says he is working on some other inventions.

Hadlick is a good example of the modern-day small inventor who makes good by producing and selling his own invention to the retail trade.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District: MARYLAND

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Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.