Loni S. Whitcraft, mother of two girls who lives in Reisterstown, Md., was granted Patent No. 4,208,743 on June 24 for "Mother's Gown With Nursing Apertures" (10 claims allowed) by the United States Patent Office.

The gown, which is different from any other garment now on the market, permits a mother to nurse a child without exposing the breast. The gown can be made in the form of a dress, blouse or even a bathing suit, and can be made of any material.

Whitcraft is looking for a firm to manufacture and market the garment under license. At the moment she is making the gowns herself and selling them for $40 to $45 each. So far she has sold approximately 200. Patents -- Believe It or Not

Of all the states in the Union, California has the most inventors who obtained U.S. Patents in 1979. They obtained 4,839.

Of all the countries in the world, Japan has the most inventors who obtained U.S. Patents in 1979. They obtained 5,827.

Twenty states have 32 public libraries containing reference collections of U.S. Patents available for public use.

A land vehicle having six articulated legs instead of wheels or tracks has recently been patented by a man in Massachusetts. The inventor obtained 24 claims for his invention which embodies a computer. One of the first patents ever granted for a vehicle having legs was back in 1868 when a steam carriage being pulled by a mechanical man was patented by two Newark, New Jersey inventors.

A patented entitled Radiation Sensitive Co (II) Complex Photoreduction Element with Image Recording Layer was recently issued. Among the six claims is one containing 110 compounds. A claim is one sentence.

Patents have been issued that have over 80 claims.

A patent was recently issued that had one claim that had 425 words -- in one sentence. MARYLAND

Paul M. Morrison of Potomac. Housing for Dental Amalgamator, Patent No. 4,197,646. 10 claims.

Phillip E. Sokol of Rockville and Robert F. Farmer of Gaithersburg. Latent Image Printing and Development. Patent No. 4,198,445. 5 claims.

William F. Schneider of Annapolis. Pump Piston with Flexible Member. Patent No. 4,197,787. 1 claim.

Henry N. Wagner of Baltimore with Robert H. Wake of Ohio. Nuclear Cardiac Blood Volume Detecting Apparatus. Patent No. 4,197,836. 13 claims.

William G. Esmond of Havre de Grace. Pleated Artificial Kidney. Patent No. 4,199,457. 7 claims.

Maynard L. Hill of Silver Spring. Method and Apparatus for Defining an Equipotential Line or Surface in the Earth's Atmosphere and Measuring the Misalignment of a Selected Line or Plane Relative to an Equipotential Line or Surface. Patent No. 4,199,715. 7 claims.

Robert E. Hiller of Salisbury and C. Lawor of N. Ridgeville, Ohio. Multielement Paint Roller. Patent No. 4,198,723. 2 claims.

Charles H. Jones of Pasadena and George A. Gilmour of Severna Park. Side Looking Sonar Apparatus. Patent No. 4,199,746. 7 claims.

Scott Miller and Larry R. Whitfield of Baltimore. Transmission Shift Position Indicating System for Motor Trucks. Patent No. 4,199,747. 5 claims.

William C. Patriarca and Leonard J. McGraw of Largo. Semi-Automatic Bailer Plug. Patent No. 4,198,918. 3 claims.

Chester C. Phillips of Rockville. Heat Demand Regulator. Patent No. 4,199,023. 13 claims. VIRGINIA

Howard J. Schaeffer of Richmond. Methods and Compositons for Treating Viral Infectiions and Guanine Acryclic Nucleosides. Patent No. 4,199,574. 81 claims.

James M. Washington, al al, of Richmond. Method and Apparatus for Measuring Porosity. Patent No. 4,198,854. 44 claims.

Russell M. Ball of Lynchburg. Apparatus and Method for Detecting Power Distribution in a Nuclear Reactor Fuel Element. Patent No. 4,200,491. 6 claims.

Thomas G. Hobbs Jr. and Eugene A. Stephens of Lynchburg. Disposable Douche. Patent No. 4,200,097. 19 claims.

William L. Lichliter and Dennis N. Compton of Winchester. Method of Making a Chimney Sweeping Brush. Patent No. 4,200,339. 4 claims.

John I. Peterson of Falls Church and Seth R. Goldstein of Bethesda. Fiber Optic Ph Probe. Patent No. 4,200,110. 8 claims.

Jack B. Slimp Jr. of Manassas. Tiltable Board Game Apparatus. Patent No. 4,200,292. 10 claims.

Judd R. Wilkins of Hampton and Glenn E. Stoner of Charlottesville. Microbial Detection and Enumeration Apparatus. Patent No. 4,200,493. 9 claims.

Vivian L. Chrisler of Vienna, et al. Acoustic Jammer and Torpedo Decoy. Patent No. 4,202,047. 6 claims.

Lawrence H. Gilligan and James E. Hermansdofer of Charlottesville. Pulse Modulated Automatic Light Control. Patent No. 4,202,014. 3 claims.

Rupert B. Hurley of Williamsburg. Process for Purifying and Activating Aqueous Inorganic Salt Employed in the Wet Spinning of Filamentary Vinyl Polymers. Patent No. 4,201,740. 4 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.