After 2 1/2 years of research and development, Ronald D. Stouffer, vice president of engineering at Bowles Fluidics Corp. in Silver Spring, has received U.S. Patent No. 4,210,283 on a Dual Pattern Windshield Nozzle. The device is located at the bottom of and between pairs of windshield wipers to which it supplies a steady stream of pressurized fluid.

According to Julian Lazrus, president of Bowles, the company is now negotiating with automobile manufacturers to place this invention on cars after approximately one to two years of additional research. For technical reasons, it is not practical for the device to be retailed to the public for installation on cars already on the market.

The corporation already owns 100 to 150 other patents and its engineering staff is busy working on other improved inventions which it hopes to patent. The company has 60 people on its payroll.

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Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.