Dr. John V. Borden, a dentist living in Annandale with an office in Washington, has just been reissued a patent (No.Re.30,340) on his invention of a Dental Handpiece which is an airpowered drill having interchangeable drill-points.

Borden's invention has been on the international market since the filing of his original patent application back in 1957. The invention is being sold under exclusive license granted by Borden to Dentsply, International of York, Pennsylvania.

The reissued patent was granted July 22 to strengthen his original patent because of an article in a New Zealand publication. The reissued patent contains 56 claims.

Borden's patent is the result of over two years of development and is now a recognized standard internationally in the dental piece industry.

He has a number of other patents including a design patent related to X-ray film and a mechanical patent of a toothbrush.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District: MARYLAND

Charles A. Burton of Silver Spring. Radioactive Source Manipulator and Stowage Device. Patent No. 4,213,646. 6 claims.

Bernard E. Drimmer of Brentwood. Anti-Tank With Peripheral Charge Initiation. Patent No. 4,213,391. 10 claims.

Louis A. Stanford of Avondale. Bread Box Dispenser. Patent No. 4,213,550. 1 claim.

Robert L. Swartwout of Takoma Park. Appalachian Dulcimer Lapboard. Patent No. 4,213,369. 13 claims.

Israel H. Weiner of Baltimore. Tick Remover Forceps. Patent No. 4,213,460. 21 claims.

Frank Weiss of Chevy Chase. Coded Pulse Radar Fuze. Patent No. 4,214,240. 11 claims. VIRGINIA Paul A. Braginetz of Stanton and Paul D. Floyd of Lyndhurst. Mechanism for Positioning a Test Adapter in Operative Relationship with a Receiver. Patent No. 4,213,666. 6 claims.

Ralph W. Carp and William R. Groff of Newport News. Driver Circuit for an Electrical Load with Capability for Detecting a Short in the Load. fPatent No. 4,214,236. 8 claims.

Andrew B. Carson of Waynesboro. Ribbon Stripping Mechanism. Patent No. 4,213,716. 8 claims

Mark S. Cox of Hiwassee. Sounding Banjo and Head Therefor. Patent No. 4,213,368. 4 claims.

Thomas E. Dickey of Standardsville. Four in a Row Board Game. Patent No. 4,213,616.

Francis M. Donlon and Jerry H. Van Buskirk of Manassas. Rescue Vest for New-Born Babies. Patent No. 4,213,204. 3 claims.

James F. Hampshire et al of Winchester. Hidged Top Card File. Patent No. D256,029. Term of 14 years.

Frank K. Kurt of Bluefield and Edwin L. Wellons of North Tazwell. Pumping Assembly Driven by Endless Conveyer. Patent No. 4,213,743. 8 claims.

Felix S. Jabsen of Lynchburg. Nuclear Steam System Containment. Patent No. 4,213,824. 38 claims.

Clifford M. Jones and William A. Surber of Waynesboro. Printer Having Variable Character Density. Patent No. 4,213,714. 12 claims.

Friedrich H. Mann and Paul F. Sensabaugh of Lynchburg. Battery Charger for a Portable Radio. Patent No. 4,214,197. 14 claims.

James S. Shreve of Fairfax, Phase Measuring Device. Patent No. 4,213,314. 9 claims.

David A. Trader of Reston. Handbag Lock. Patent No. 4,213,314. 19 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.

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