Well, it is a catchy tune. And it might have been a million-seller, as one record company official insisted yesterday.

But there were those, including the holders of the copyright on the music to the old Beach Boys hit "Barbara Ann," that found a spinoff called "Bomb Iran" distasteful and stopped distribution after the song had been released on two labels.

The most-requested song on country music station WMQZ in Washington and a hot item in Texas and Louisiana, "Bomb Iran" will not be available in record shops and is rapidly disappearing from the airwaves as well under a cease-and-desist order obtained by the publishers of "Barbara Ann."

"Bomb Iran's" bellicose message and on-the-air explosions are set to the tune of the 1960's hit -- "Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Bara Ann" -- a cheerful, danceable, little ditty popular in simpler, more anti-war times. The new lyrics:

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

Bomb Iran, and take a stand

The country's and take a stand

The country's got a feeling

Really hit the ceiling

Bomb Iran

So goes the refrain, punctuated by explosions and shouts of "Nuke 'em."

Originally recorded by a New Orleans group called Vince Vance & The Valiants, who released it on their own label, a newer version by J.c. & The B-1 Bombers was about to be distributed when the publishers of the rock-and-roll classic stepped in.

"It [Barbara Ann] is popular in Europe and all over. It's an international standard and we didn't want to be involved politically with a song that wasn't in good taste," said Phil Kahl, executive vice president of Adam R. Levy & Father Enterprises Inc., a firm that is the publisher of the song along with Cousins Music.

Arnold Thies, general manager of Paid Records which was on the verge of distributing the B-1 Bombers version, said that his company had sent out copies but sent wires to distributors and disc jockeys to stop distribution and stop playing the record. "We feel the record would have been a huge American success," said Thies.

Thies said pulling the record back would cost Paid about $21,000, and that the potential for the record was much, much more. "We had 30,000 back orders and that was just in two markets -- New Orleans and Texas," he said. "I think it would have been a million seller."

The B-1 Bombers are actually a group called the Nashville Superpickers, "the best sidegroup in Nashville," according to Theis.

The version being played by WMZQ is the Vince Vance version, which WMZQ got on a tape from a sister station KIKK in Houston.

"It's the most requested song I've had," said Jim Randall, music director for WMZQ, who said that record stores have been calling asking how to get copies. "They blow the phone off the wall for it," said Randall. Most of the callers asking for the song are women, he said.

Randall said that he started playing the song about a month now. Interest in it died down until the recent demonstrations by Iranians, he said. Went to a mosque

Gonna throw some rocks

Tell the Ayatollah

Gonna put you in the box

. . . Bomb Iran

Old Uncle Sam's

Getting pretty hot

Tryin' to turn Iran

Into a parking lot

. . . Bomb Iran

Call the volunteers

Call the bombadiers

Call the financiers

Better get their a-- in gear

. . . Bomb Iran

Gonna get Allies

To get off their supplies

Get our hands untied

And bring 'em back alive

. . . Bomb Iran

Let's take a stand

Our people you been stealin'

Now it's time for dealing

. . . Bomb Iran. [explosion]