What employer has more than 2,500 job openings world wide, offers good pay, paid vacation time, job security and mobility?

The answer: The federal government, according t David Waelde, author of "How to Get a Federal Job and Advance."

Waelde has written a useful job-hunting tool for anyone who is a prospective applicant for federal employment.

"The guide has one objective: To aid you in getting a better federal civil service job," writes Waelde in the introduction.

Waelde, who is a career development consultant, said that his main goal was imparting easily understood information, instructions and suggestions in four basic areas -- application procedures, career advancement, job openings and forming a job-seeking plan.

In an attempt to provide a balanced picture, the author touches on the major drawbacks of federal employment.

"The federal government is a large, disjointed institution. This has led to regulation, often confusing. The combination of large size and numerous regulations can cause an employe to be frustrated in trying to accomplish a task," he says.

Waelde also mentions the lack of respect which can accompany federal jobs: "Federal employes are everyone's whipping boys. Federal employes can do no right, there are too many of them and they are overpaid, according to the politicians. Sometimes this criticism results is a real penalty of federal employes."