An analysis of U.S. patents granted in 1979 that Japan leads in the number of inventors receiving patents, with the Federal Republic of Germany a close second as can be seen by the following table. (TABLE) Japan(COLUMN)5,827 West Germany(COLUMN)4,935 United Kingdom(COLUMN)2,203 France(COLUMN)1,728 Switzerland(COLUMN)1,107 Canada(COLUMN)1,105(END TABLE)

In the United States, California had the most inventors receiving U.S.

patents in 1979. (TABLE) California(COLUMN)4,839 New York(COLUMN)3,168 New Jersey(COLUMN)2,716 Illinois(COLUMN)2,581 Pennsylvania(COLUMN)2,277 Ohio(COLUMN)2,026 Michigan(COLUMN)1,875 Texas(COLUMN)1,606 Massachusetts(COLUMN)1,475 Connecticut(COLUMN)1,086(END TABLE)

In this area, Maryland led with its inventors receiving the most patents. (TABLE) Maryland(COLUMN)665 Virginia(COLUMN)426 D.C.(COLUMN)58(END TABLE)

The Patent Office granted 10,099 fewer patents in 1979 than it did in 1978. The total number of patents granted in 1979 was 55,418, although 107,409 applications were filed that year.

The above figures were obtained from the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks for fiscal year 1979.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District: Maryland

Joseph F. Gulick of Clarksville, et al. Broadband Interferometer and Direction Finding Missile Guidance System. Patent No. 4,204,655. 7 claims.

Richard W. Hayman of Potomac. Interface Between Data Reading Wand and Cash Register. Display. Patent No. 4,204,636. 6 claims.

E. Stanley Knockel of Baltimore. Work Table and Hold-Down Assembly for Power Hand Saw. Patent No. 4,204,446. 8 claims.

Wayne S. Linfield of Sparks. Elevation Simulation for Frequency Scan Three-Dimensional Radar. Patent No. 4,204,342. 14 claims.

Cabell N. Pryor Jr. of Silver Spring. Automatic Difar Cardiod Former. Patent No. 4,205,396. 2 claims.

Bola V. Shetty of Rockville. 1-Heterocylic Alky-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroquinazolinones and Analgesic Intermediates Thereof. aPatent No. 4,205,173. 4 claims.

Richard A. Chase of Baltimore. Animate Figure Toy. Design Patent No. D255,135. For term of 14 years.

Abner Brenner of Chevy Chase. Mounting for Photographs or the Like. Patent No. 4,204,350. 4 claims.

Patricia Blume of Timonium. Medical Examination Robe. Patent No. 4,205,398. 9 claims.

Robert H. Dixon of Bowie, et al. Device for Producing Extended Elongated Plasmas for X-Rat Lasers. Patent No. 4,206,364. 30 claims.

Romon Domingues of Rockville. Solar Panel with Mat Base Member. Patent No. Re. 30,292 (reissue). 11 claims.

William M. Kanotz of Pasadena, et al. Apparatus for Insulating Flexible Conductors. Patent No. 4,206,011. 10 claims. VIRGINIA

Robert S. Babington of Mclean. Spraying Devices, in Particular Nebulizing Devices. Patent No. Re. 30,285. 26 claims. This is a reissue patent.

Peter J.Y. Chang of McLean. Adjustable Safety Guide for Skeleton Type Caulking Gun. Patent No. 4,204,616. 6 claims.

Robert M. Kibby of Richmond. Magnesium Production. Patent No. 4,204,860. 15 claims.

Richard V. Slepetz of Herndon. Emergency Vehicle Warning Light. Design Patent No. D255,107. For a term of 14 years.

Thomas W. Stubblefield of South Boston. Vaporization Cooled Electrical Inductive Apparatus. Patent No. 4,205,289. 9 claims

Paul H. Pevsner of Richmond. Miniature Balloon Catheter. Patent No. 4,213,797. 11 claims.

Arden Sher of Williamsburg. Radiant Energy to Electric Energy Converter. Patent No. 4,213,697. 59 claims.

Thomas E. Watson of Staunton. Oil Separation and Return System for Centrifugal Refrigeration Compresors. Patent No. 4,213,307. 6 claims.

Thomas J. Quigley of Farmville. Slide Switch. Patent No. 4,204,104. 8 claims.

Sidney Richmon of Richmond. Elevator Control. Patent No. 4,203,506. 5 claims.

Anthony J. Burger of Richmond. Dollie for Manipulating a Palletized Load and Method of its Use. Patent No. 4,204,696. 10 claims.

Frank H. Blitchington of Richmond. Method of a System for Counting Holes and for Detecting Missing Holes in a Web. Patent No. 4,205,769. 19 claims.

Bruce B. Campbell of Chesapeake and John B. MacDonald of Boston, Mass. (design patent) Floppy Disk Enclosure. Patent No. D255,236. Term of 14 years.

James T. Conner of Arlington. Culinary Utensil. Patent No. 4,205,870. 8 claims.

Ernest E. Grimsley of Portsmouth. Adapter Means for a Valve Reseating Tool. Patent No. 4,205,495. 6 claims.