Three CBS weekly programs are tops in the ratings that really count -- a ranking of the television shows that draw the highest dollar for advertising.

According to Advertising Age's second annual prime-time unit-price survey, "M*A*S*H,," "60 Minutes" and "Dallas" are the priciest platforms from which to peddle, with 30-second spots going for approximately $150,000.

In fact according to the trade newspaper, a single, sold-out "Dallas" episode brings in more than $1.7 million. So far this year, Carnation, General Foods and Ralston-Purina have been the heaviest advertisers on the popular soap opera, according to Broadcast Advertisers Reports.

CBS declined to say who would be sponsoring the high-priced shows in the new television season, still in limbo because of a strike by the Screen Actors Guild. Last year Ford Motor Co., Wausau Insurance Co., AT&T and Chrysler were among the most frequent advertisers on "60 Minutes." Chrysler, Nissan Motor Corp., Prudential Insurance and Volkswagen were among the heavy advertisers on "M*A*S*H," according to Broadcast Advertisers Reports.

Advertising Age noted that, although CBS has the three costliest regularly scheduled shows, NBC has more programs, 14, priced at $100,000 or more.