The Comptroller of the Currency has named Karen J. Wilson as assistant chief national bank examiner in Washington. Wilson has served as deputy regional administrator for examinations in San Francisco, joining the office of the Comptroller of the Currency in 1969 as assistant chief national bank examiner in New York.

Gov. Harry Hughes of Maryland has been appointed to the executive committee of the Southern Regional Education Board, the operating agency for the nation's interstate organization for higher education.

Ivan Michael Schaeffer has been appointed assistant commissioner for transportation and travel management of the U.S. General Services Administration's transportation and public utilities service.

Harry M. Shooshan III, chief counsel and staff director, and Charles L. Jackson, staff engineer, for the House communications subcommittee, will leave the subcommittee on Oct. 3. Bernard J. Wunder Jr., staff member of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, will replace Shooshan. In addition, Robert D. Foreman, minority staff associate for the subcommittee, will leave his post at the end of the year. Before joining the subcommittee last year, Foreman was chief legislative assistant to Rep. James T. Broyhill.

Stuart R. Breidbart has been appointed deputy general counsel of the Maritime Administration, an agency of the Commerce Department. Breidbart also will serve as counsel to the Maritime Subsidy Board.