During the years 1972 up to and including 1978, the Soviet Union has granted U.S. inventors 2,070 patents. Assuming the cost of filing in the Soviet Union is average, the one case I know of cost the inventor something like $2,300 plus his U.S. patent attorney's fee of something like $800.

Breaking the above figures of 2,070 patents in years we get: (TABLE) Years(COLUMN)Number of Patents 1972(COLUMN)257 1973(COLUMN)205 1974(COLUMN)206 1975(COLUMN)252 1976(COLUMN)230 1977(COLUMN)425 1978(COLUMN)498(END TABLE)

A patent in the Soviet Union is granted for a period of 15 years, counting from the date fo filing. Other than this, no attempt will be made here to go into the complexities of Soviet patent law. The Soviet Union was one of the 20 members of the States of the Paris Union for the Protection of Industrial Property who signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty on June 19, 1970.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District: MARYLAND

Daniel D. Musgrave of Cabin John. Inactive spring for Magazine. Patent No. 4,205,474. 11 claims.

Richard W. Prugh of Gaithersburg and Brownlow J. Fadden of Columbia. Graphic Digitizer. Patent No. 4,206,314. 9 claims.

Patrick E. Sweeney of Balitmore and John J. Critcher of Cockeysville. Directional Fuze Selector Apparatus for Artillery Deleivery Mines. Patent No. 4,205,609, 2 claims.

Phillipe Vauthier of Annapolis. Hydro-Electric Generator. Patent No. 4,205,943.9 claims.

Robert I. Weiner of Towson. Saw Blade Retainer and Kickback Clutch Assembly. Patent No. 4,205,572. 6 claims.

James R. Owens of Upper Marlboro. Child Restraining Harness. Patent No. 4,205,670. 7 claims.

Lloyd D. Anderson of Takoma Park, Acoustic Mine Mechanism. Patent No. 4,207,623.9 claims.

Daniel C. Buck of Hanover. Reflection Mode Notch Filter. Patent No. 4,207,547.6 claims.

Edward L. Rich of Arnold. Control and Monitoring System for Oxygen Gererating Device. Patent No. 4,209,491.4 claims.

Lawrence E. Thibault of Rockville. Hemoglobin-Oxygen Equilibrium Curve Analyzer. Patent No. 4,209,300. 15 claims.

Leon Weber of Baltimore. Treatment of Inorganic Pigments. Patent No. 4,209,430. 27 claims. VIRGINIA

Michael I. Keller of Alexandria. Impact Sensing Detector. Patent No. Re. 30,298 (reissue). 17 claims.

Marva J. Keys of Alexandria. Pill Dispensing Assembly. Patent No. 4,205,620. 8 claims.

James R. McClure of Bridgewater. Aquatic Weed Cutting Apparatus. Patent No. 4,205,507. 15 claims.

William F. McSweeney of Newport News. Aircraft Landing Wheel Rotating Device. Patent No. 4,205,812. 10 claims.

Jose De Oliveira of Norfolk. Desk Set. Patent No. D2555,249 (design patent). Term of 14 years.

David R. Shelton of Crewe. Fishing Lure. Patent No. D255,261 (design patent). Term of 14 years.

Marlin Van Wilson of Barboursville, et al. Scheme Training Apparatus for Teaching Mail Sorting and the Like. Patent No. 4,205,462. 20 claims.

William M. Chisholm of Midlothian. Pin Insertion Tool. Patent No. 4,206,543. 8 claims.

Talbot A. Chubb of Arlington. Spiral-Passage Heat Exchanger. Patent No. 4,206,746. 4 claims.

John H. Flora of Lynchburg and Henry T. Gruber of Columbus, Ohio. Multiple Frequency Digital Eddy Current Inspection System. Patent No. 4,207,520. 8 claims. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

John L. Smith. Electronic Photometer. Patent No. 4,207,533. 11 claims.

Leon E. Wedding. Acoustic Decoy and Jammer. Patent No. 4,207,626. 7 claims.

Joseph J. Gyorik. Magazine for an Automatic Weapon. Patent No. 4,207,797. 7 claims.

Wagn Trautner. Solar Energy Collecting Device. Design Patent No. D255,482. Term of 14 years.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor.