Where can you buy a bicycle in Beijing? Or get a shoe repaired? How much should you tip in a restaurant in Canton?How do you get to the Great Wall?

Answers to these and hundred of other questions about how to survive and enjoy a trip to the People's Republic of China are contained in Information Peking (Beijing), a pocket reference guide for businessmen and tourists alike.

Published by Welt Publishing Co. of Washington,the book helps to remove much of the mystery and anxiety associated with traveling to China.

Information Peking features names, addresses and phone numbers of U.S. government agencies that deal with the People's Republic, business representitives and consultants as well as a complete list of U.S. firms with offices in the capital. It also serves as a novitiate's introduction to the customs and history of China.

A section of how to do business in China outlines the proper bureaucratic routes to be taken before a product or service can be sold. Practical advice is given on who to see, as well as which and how many forms to fill out.

The Chinese art of business negotiation is also explained: "The Chinese are extremely astute businessmen who may try to play on a huge firm's intense desire to penetrate a huge market by exacting premium discounts from it. The firm should decide in advance how much it is willing to concede to enter the market. It should also determine how much technical and commercial information can be divulged and at what stage, since the Chinese will attempt to extract as much as possible."

The structure of China's foreign trade system is spelled out in detail. Government ministries and ministers, industrial corporations, special agencies and commissions and the people who run them are named.

For the sightseer, there are maps and suggested walking tours of Beijing and, within it, the Forbidden City.

The book is available for $15 from Welt Publishing Co., 1511 K St. NW, suite 316, Washington, D.C. 20005.