Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy and Bryan L. McCoy, all of Silver Spring, have obtained U.S. Patent No. 4,211,927 on a most unusual and novel toy that can and no doubt will in time be manufactured in any number of configurations such as boy, girl or spaceman. The toy contains electrically operated mechanisms that will not only permit it to respond to questions but will also obey orders such as "Come to me," "Turn around." etc. It is a toy that will retail for around $20, according to co-inventor Richard C. Levy.

Levy and his associates already have a company in Silver Spring known as Scienco, located at 1001 Spring St.

Levy and his associates are the original inventors of electronic toys, some of which are now manufactrured by Milton Bradley, the famous toy manufacturer of Springfield, Mass.

Two of the company's most famous toys developed by Levy and associates are the Star Bird Avenger and Intruder. Levy got his start in the motion picture business where he realized that children like to have toys that they can act with what they see in the movies. At the present time, no plans have been formalized for the production of this latest toy which no doubt will be the biggest moneymaker of them all.

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