Concern about the outcome of Tuesday's presidential election and its impact on government policy caused traders of interest-rate futures to even up their positions yesterday, subsequently pushing prices higher.

Futures prices, which have been falling since Monday on fears of tightening credit and higher rates, rose slightly.

At the close of trade, Treasury bonds were 9 to 12 ticks higher, with the December contract priced at 67 and 25 thirty-seconds. a tick is the minimum price fluctuation and is equivalent to $31.25.

Treasury bills traded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange were .04 to .20 points higher, December at 87.17. A point is the minimum price flucutation and is equal to $25.

Live hogs closed .70 cent to 1.50 cents lower, December 49.92 cents a pound. The daily trading limit is 1.50 cents per pound. Pork bellies were 1.35 cents to 1.80 cents lower, February 69.70 cents a pound.

Soybeans ended 7 3/4 cents lower to 11 1/2 cents higher, November $8.96 a bushel; wheat was 3 3/4 cents lower to 3 cents higher, December $5.28 3/4 a bushel; and corn was 3/4 cent to 5 1/2 cents lower, December $3.73 1/2 a bushel.