The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond has numerous publications and films about consumer issues, financial matters, the economy and the Federal Reserve System itself that are availabe free of charge.

A list of them can be obtained by writing to the Public Relations Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Richmond, Va. 23261. In addition to a general list, the bank has separate lists for educational films, publications for high schools, statistical releases and for consumers.

Or they can be picked up during a visit to the bank itself in Richmond. Tours of the bank include check-processing facilities and high-speed machines that examine currency sent to the bank, spot counterfeit bills and shred worn-out bills. There is also a money museum with examples of script going back to the days of shell money and a number of the presses used in the past to print currency.

Bank officials wish everyone thinking of investing in government securities would get what is already their most popular single publication, "Buying Treasury Securities at Federal Reserve Banks."

"We don't dare let the mail pile up," one official said. "We regularly find letters saying, 'Please buy a government security for me,' with a $25,000 check enclosed." With such limited instructions, of course, such checks have to be returned.

In precise detail, the booklet on buying Treasury securities spells out the types of securities available, how to find out what interest rates they carry and how to make the purchase.

The consumer publications cover primarily various credit protection laws, such as the Truth-in-Lending Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act; how to file consumer credit complaints; and consumer credit terminology.

There are a variety of booklets on the Federal Reserve and the money market. One useful one has the descriptive title, "Instruments of the Money Market." Still other booklets cover such items as "Measuring Price Changes -- A Study of the Price Indexes" and "Keys to Business Forecasting."