Edward L. Schiavone of Silver Spring has patented an electrical vehicle that may well be an answer to the world's fuel problem. Schiavone's patent (number 4,218,624) is entitled "Electrical Vehicle and Method" and embodies an electric motor, an electric battery and a flywheel-type generator actuator that may be said by some to be close to perpetual motion.

Schiavone, who holds 14 other patents, states that his vehicle needs an electric motor to start the vehicle rolling. Once it stops and the battery discharges, the vehicle cannot start again. Thus it is not perpetual motion.

The first part of claim 2 of this patent reads, "The method of utilizing transverse vehicular motion produced by road surface irregularities to charge the batteries of a battery-powered vehicle."

The inertia of the flywheel connected to the generator will provide power for the batteries during periods when transverse motion of the vehicle is not available to produce the needed electrical energy.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District: MARYLAND

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