Art Consultants Studio -- a new fine arts and interior decoration and design consulting company -- has opened for business at 2700 Q St. Nw. The firm is comprised of three veteran area art connoisseurs, each bringing her particular specialty to the concern.

Founded by H. Suzanne, who for many years has directed one of the largest and most successful art galleries in the area and has been able to get local business to commission a score of murals under her direction, the studio also includes Nicki Botos, an experienced art agent who has set up exhibitions here and in Europe, and Lyn Hartman, an interior designer who has decorated many fine homes in Washington.

The trio opened the business about three months ago, with several artistic goals in mind.

"We are three women who are mature and interested. We want other women to get involved in helping others any way they can," explained Suzanne. "We're helping through art."

"Our purpose is to get contracts for murals. The we can get any artist that is available. We're trying to being good art to people."

"We are promoting American artists primarily," said partner Hartman. "We are unhappy with the people who feel they must go away from our country to find great talent. The idea of the whole group of us is to bring forth quality."

"We have great artists right here," said Botos.

Working with the studio as an unsalaried adviser is the reknowned artist and muralists Sam Bookatz. He receives unanimous credit from the group for getting the consulting business started.

"He's really inspired us to bring fine art, fine decor and gracious living to people," said Suzanne.

Bookatz currently has murals on permanent exhibit at, among others, the Woodmont Country Club and the Rockville Pike Professional Building.

"Statistically, only about 5 percent of the people are interested in fine art," said Suzanne. "They know the importance of quality art. We'd like to find some of the other 95 percent, as well."

The trio has completed several small projects but, as Hartman put it, "We haven't gotten through to big business or government yet."

"Art Consultants Studio will promote culture in the area," Bookatz said. The artist explained that the group hopes to convince area businessmen and builders that quality art is important in their buildings and places of employment.

Bookatz added that, in the case of government buildings, many have budget allocations specifically earmarked for works of art in foyers, entrances and hallways that often go unused.