Helena M. Kedda of Chevy Chase has been granted U.S. Patent No. 4,222,759 for "Process for Making Glass Design Pieces" without the use of a mold.

Kedda's process will permit the manufacture of glass windows with designs in them at a cost in both time and money that is far less than that required now.

Kedda is now looking for a manufacturer to produce glass design pieces by her new patented method.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District : MARYLAND

Omar J. Jacomini of Severna Park. Method for Decreasing Minimum Observable Velocity of Moving Targets. Patent No. 4,210,911. 6 claims.

Sheldon B. Markofsky of Olney. Method of Imparting Wet Strength to Paper Products. Patent No. 4,210,489. 10 claims.

Henry D. Obler of Lanham. Apparatus for Supplying Conditioned Air at a Substantically Constant Temperature and Humidity. Patent No. 4,210,278. 15 claims.

Timothy g. Pugh of Baltimore and Omer L. Shifflett Jr. of Lutherville. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Bowl and Filter System. Patent No. 4,209,875. 4 claims.

James H. Stubbings of Rockville. Formation of Radious Elbows and O. G. Sets. Patent No. 4,210,090. 15 claims.

David E. Harney of Sparks. Iron-Lithium Anode for Thermal Batteries and Thermal Batteries Made Therefrom. Patent No. 4,211,849. 12 claims.

John F. Latham and Elaine L. Latham of Baltimore. Sealed Globular Display Device. Patent No. 4,221,078. 3 claims.

Albert R. Patterson of College Park. Type Font. Design Patent No. D256,805. Term of 14 years.

George F. Piper of Baltimore, et al. Methods of Enclosing a Plurality of Conductors in a Partitioned Jacket. Patent No. 4,211,756. 5 claims.

Alan A. Schneider of Reisterstown. Thermal Composition Circuit for Electrochemical Dectors.

Carl C. Stanford Jr. of Rockville. Convertible Furniture. Patent No. 4,221,173. 7 claims.

Richard N. Bennett of Arbutus. Fine Tune Adjusting Mechanism for Tandem-Operated Filling Units of a Filling Machine. Patent No. 4,212,416. 5 claims.

James E. Buchanan of Bowie. CCD Digital-to-Analog Converter. Patent No. 4,213,120. 9 claims.

Eugene A. Cameron of Silver Spring. Digitizer Tablet. Patent No. 4,213,005. 32 claims.

Melbourne J. Hellstrom of Severna Park. Allen I. Perlin and Edward Kutlik of Baltimore. Computerized Tomography System. Patent No. 4,211,927. 26 claims.

Clyde A. Morrison of Wheaton, Nick Karayianis and Donald E. Wortman of Baltimore. Method and Apparatus for Determining Aerosol Size Distributions. Patent No. 4,211,487. 4 claims.

Wilbur J. O'Neill of Severna Park. Diving Helmet Assembly. patent No. 4,211,220. 10 claims.

Richard K. Sutz of Gaithersburg. Wind Machine System for Pushing and Lifting Loads and Having Improved Counterbalancing. Patent No. 4,211,126.

Francis N. Viscardi of Baltimore. Elongated Flexible Fishing Lure with helical Shape. Patent No. 4,211,027. 4 claims.

Manoochehr Arfaa of Bel Air. Surgical Wash System. Patent No. 4,214,583. 7 claims.

Stafford D. Collie of Severna Park. Combined Flower Pot and Saucer or the Like. Design Patent No. D-256,108. Term of 14 years.

John P. Consaga of Waldorf. Dimethyl Hydantoin Bonding Agents in Solid Propellants. Patent No. 4,214,928. 7 claims.

Keith A. Cooper of Elkridge. One-Piece Reinforced Container. Patent No. 4,214,695. 7 claims.

Jonathan E. Fine of Silver Spring and Clinton J. Sewell of Beloit, Kansas. Annular Alternator for Artillery. Patent No. 4,214,533. 5 claims.

Peter Horowitz of Silver Spring. Merchandise Tagging Technique. Patent No. 4,215,342. 2 claims.

Edward C. Jarrel of Damascus, et al. Target Seeker Simulator. Patent No. 4,215,347. 6 claims.

Loughrey R. Kuhn of Silver Spring. Fiber Optic Modern/Data Set. Patent No. 4,215,269. 1 claim.

Michael Onufry Jr. of Brookeville. Video Table conference Audio Echo Control Unit. Patent No. 4,215,252. 8 claims.

Calvert F. Phillips Jr. of Annapolis. Multiple Channel Electronic Countermeasures Radar Receiver. Patent No. 4,215,344. 4 claims.

Eric K. Pritchard of Bowie. Animation Stand Control System. Patent no. 4,214,823. 13 claims.

Arnold M. Rosenberg of Potomac and James M. Gaidis of Ellicott City. Method of Forming Water-proofing Material. Patent No. 4,215,160. 9 claims.

Francis N. Sansone of Kensington. Minimal Distortion Video Bandpass Filter. Patent No. 4,215,325. 4 claims.

William G. Verwey of Phoenix and Stephen Stanton of Baltimore. Palletizer. Patent No. 4,214,848. 51 claims.

Robert I. Weiner of Owings Mill and W. Roger Sauter of Baltimore. Sequencing Light Controller. Patent No. 4,215,277. 24 claims.

James M. Voorhees Jr. of Edgewater. Support for Tubing or Cables in Buildings. Patent No. 4,214,723. 1 claim. VIRGINIA

P. S. Balasubramanian of Manassas, Claude R. Betrin of Oakton and Stephen B. Greenspan of Reston. Merged Array Pla Divice, circuit, Fabrication Method and Testing Technique. Patent No. 4,212,026. 17 claims.

Michael C. Bowers of Hampton. Jet Cargo Aircraft. Design Patent No. D-255,789. Term of 14 years.

Richard L. Bradley of Springfield. Rifle Gun Barrel. Patent No. 4,211,146. 5 claims.

Robert F. Bublitz of Chester. Container Closure Structure. Patent No. 4,211,338. 16 claims.

Ralph W. Carp, Harold E. Weissler II and Paul R. Kudlaty of Newport News. Hybrid Electronic Control Unit for Fuel Management Systems. Patent No. 4,212,066. 14 claims.

Daniel S. Cvacho of Forest. Sealing Process for Undergrown Walls. Patent No. 4,211,050. 14 claims.

Vladimir N. Etlin of Falls Church. Means for Biological Treatment of Water. Patent No. 4,211,657. 2 claims.

James F. Hampshire, Greg P. Terek and Richard C. Sankovich of Winchester. Hinged Top Card File. Design Patent No. D-255,805. Term of 14 years.

Thomas J. Quigley of Farmville. Slide Switch Assembly for Mounting in a Panel. Patent No. 4,211,905.

William A. Ferrando of Arlington and Raymond A. Sutula of Laurel. Lightweight Battery Electrode. Patent No. 4,215,190. 13 claims.

William W. Nurse of Lorton. Pick Up Container for Three Point Tractor hitch. Patent No. 4,214,776. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Calvin E. Lindo. Golf Club Combined With Foldable Extensions for Surveying Greens. Patent No. 4,211,415. 10 claims.

Stephen Molivadas. heating and Cooling Systems. Patent No. 4,211,207. 50 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets the bounds of the monopoly asserted by the inventor .

Copies of any of the above patents can be obtained from the Patent & Trade Mark Office for 50 cents each by addressing orders to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Washington, D.C. 20231.