Bill Greene, vice president of Central Roofing & Siding Co. of Rockville, has been elected president of the Metropolitan Washington chapter of the National Home Improvement Council.

Douglas R. Fahl, director of planning and assistance to the partners for Dewberry, Nealon & Davis, an enginerring, architectural, planning and surveying firm in Fairfax, was named 1980's Man of the Year by the Northern Virginia Builders Association. He has been a member of the association's board of directors for three years and chairman of the planning and land use committee since the early 1970s.

Sue V. Mills, a member of the Prince George's County Council, has been named chairman of the American Heart Association's 1981 Heart Fund drive.

Joseph B. McGrath has been named vice president ad general counsel of the National Forest Products Association.

Donald A. Moon has been elected president of the Mechanical Contractors D.C. Association Inc., an affiliate of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America. Moon is president of Mechanical Constructors Inc.

Ronald B. Wheatley has been promoted to regulatory affairs counsel for the Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Marvin Collins, former administrative assistant to Rep. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), has joined the American Council of Life Insurace as chief counsel for federal relations.Judy Norrell, former assistant executive director of the Business Roundtable, was named associate general counsel for the group.

Betsy Samuelson has been promoted to associate director of the newsletter division of the American Bankers Association.

Frances E. Wrocklage has been appointed director of education for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

Warren J. Dunn has been appointed staff vice president of communications for the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

Luther W. Shaw has been named director of legislative affairs for the National Agricultural Chemical Association.

William G. Mullen has been named executive director of the Associated Third Class Mail Users, a national trade association representing 600 users and producers of third class mail. Mullen is former executive vice president and senior counsel of the National Council of Professional Services Firm.

Jack E. Aalseth, president of Evaluation Research Corp., had been elected president of the National Council of Professional Services Firms.

The Prince George's County Bankers Association recently elected officers for the year. They are president -- James L. Cordle, senior vice president and cashier of the First American Bank of Maryland; vice president -- Barry Allan Bragg, second vice president of The Equitable Trust Co.; secretary/treasurer -- Harry G. Felix, president of the First National Bank of Southern Maryland.

Wendie L. Wachtel, vice president and financial principal of Wachtel & Co. Inc., had been reelected president of the Security Traders Association of Washington, D.C. Inc. Other officers are: Robert J. Lazurek of Johnston, Lemon & Co. Inc., first vice president; Deborah A. Bewick of Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Inc., second vice president; and Gary Butler of Ferris & Co. Inc., secretary/treasurer.