The dollar rose sharply yesterday, and the price of gold hit a two-month high of $545 an ounce.

Plans for a nationwide strike in Poland for early today and high interest rates in the United States were cited as reasons for the dollar's gain.

The effect of the Polish tensions could be seen in the dollar's surge to 2.1280 marks in New York from the 2.0955 close in Frankfurt and Wednesday's close of 2.0905. In London the pound fell to $2.2505 from $2.2630.

The dollar also rose in Zurich to 1.91325 Swiss francs from 1.90775, in Paris to 4.9485 French francs from 4.935, in Brussels to 35.295 Belgian francs from 35.l5, in Milan to 1,044.3 lire from 1,043 and in Tokyo to 209.45 yen from 209.l0.

Gold surged to $540.50 in Zurich from $534.50 Wednesday, to $539.50 in Longdon from $534.25 and to $545 in New York from $531.The Commodity Exchange settlement price for gold was $544.50, up from $531.

Silver rose to $13.30 an ounce from $12.85, and it settled on the Comex at $13.25, up from $12.817.