Maurice Daniel, an inventor who is now an operations analyst consultant in Washington, recently received U.S. Patent No. 4,234,907 for "Light Emitting Fabric" (35 claims) that could change the way we light our homes and offices.

This invention is described in the patent abstract as "a light-emitting fabric in which optical fibers are part of the weave, replacing some of the threaded fibers, whereby the fabric is uniformly illuminated and, accordingly, decorated.

"The individual optional fibers are gathered into a bundle at one end of the fabric and illuminated by a light source. Light traveling through the fibers is emitted in small amounts throughout the lengths thereof through small scratches that pierce the outer coating.

"Uniformity and intensity of light are enhanced by providing a reflective coating on the nonilluminated ends of the optional fibers."

This invention can be used anywhere light is desired."

Daniel also has been granted U.S. Patent No. 4,241,382 on a Fiber Optics Illuminator (26 claims) that is used in connection with the light-emitting fabric and will be marketed unde the trademark name "Lumitex."

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the District. MARYLAND

Tsvi F. Assal of Bethesda, et al. Temperature-Compensated Microwave Integrated Circuit Delay Line. Patent No. 4,218,664. 17 claims.

Jesse C. Bunch of Silver Spring. Heliostat Apparatus. Patent No. 4,218,114. 23 claims.

David J. Buscher of Silver Spring, et al. Revenue Metering System for Power Companies. Patent No. 4,218,737. 5 claims.

Gary D. Cooper of College Park and Ronald D. Brigman of Huntingtown. Electronic System for playing Bingo. Patent No. 4,218,063. 19 claims. VIRGINIA

George S. Chambers of Daleville. Polyphase Rectifying Bridge with Commutation Fault Protection. Patent No. 4,218,729. 11 claims.

John R. Dent of Fairfax County. Radar Fuzing System. Patent No. 4,217,827. 3 claims.

James C. Fowler of Burke, et al. Synthetic Pulse Radar including a Microporcessor-Based Controller. Patent No. 4,218,678. 15 claims.

Carlos V. Perry Jr. and Robert B. Mayer of Manassas. Diverter Valve for Septic Systems. Patent No. 4,217,933. 13 claims. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

Ismael C. Kelley and Lawrence J. Brailsford. Electronic Alarm Signaling System. Patent No. 4,218,763. 39 claims.

Paul j. Selgin. Reserve Type Battery. Patent No. 4,218,525. 2 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets forth the bounds of the property rights granted the inventor.

Copies of any of the above patents can be obtained from the Patent & Trade Mark Office for 50 cents each by addressing orders to the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Washington, D.C. 20231.