Technical and professional people who are looking for permanent, responsible part-time jobs can turn for help to the Association of Part-Time Professionals, a nonprofit organization formed to expand job opportunities for part-time workers.

The group, founded by Diane Rothberg a little over two years ago, operates out of a small office in Vienna with a staff of workers composed mostly of volunteers.

"We started the group," says Rothberg, "because there is strength in numbers. A lot of people going around looking for part-time work individually are not nearby as effective as an organized, professional group. A group has influence, clout; it can make employers sit up and take notice."

The association, which has more than 600 members in the Washington Metropolitan area ans is on the verge of going national, offers its members a monthly newsletter with job listings in both the private and federal sector.

Members also can attend seminars and workshops on career development, have access to counseling and educational materials are divided into occupational groups that schedule individual meetings or discussions.

The occupational groups include business management, federal workers, fine arts/foreign languages, human services, legal services, library science, science/engineering, social science, research, and writers and editors.

"Our writers and editors group is the largest, probably because writers and editors so often work alone. They find it very valuable to attend meetings where they can exchange ideas and information, can form a network," says Rothberg.

Rothberg says that one goal of the association is to educate employers to think of a job in terms of blocks of work to be done, instead of blocks of time. "If the accounting or editing or research can be done in four hours instead of the more traditional eight, why not only hire someone for four hours?" she asks.

Membership in APTP is open to anyone interested in part-time, professional work; membership fee is $25 for one year. Call 370-6206 for futher information.