Harold A. Molz of Annapolis was recently granted U.S. Patent No. 4,240,369 for a Mainsail and/or Mizzensail Furling Device. The device permits a person to furl or unfurl the mainsail and/or mizzensail from the cockpit of his or her boat, something that otherwise is impossible to do.

This invention is easily adaptable to a variety of mast sizes and configurations. This is not the only patent Molz holds on this device. An earlier patent (No. 4,122,793) was granted on Oct. 31, 1978. The present invention is fully protected by 10 claims. Molz is now working on plans with a company which he hopes will manufacture and market this much-needed and time saving device.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland, Virginia and the DISTRICT . Maryland

James L. Dantoni of Westminister. Method of Making Animal Litter. Patent No. 4,217,858. 1 claim.

Jean B. Ember of Gaithersburg. Constant Reminder Memorandum Device. Patent No. 4,218,077.8 8 claims,

Roger A. Graham of Silver Spring. Smoking Device. Design patents D256,506, D256,507 and D256,508. Terms of 14 years.

Horace P. Halling of Laurel. Multi-Ply Sealing Rings. Patent No. 4,218,067. 11 claims.

Robert A. Hilbert of Kingsville, et al. Adjustable System for Mounting a Basketball Goal. Patent No. 4,218,058. 4 claims.

Charles J. McCarthy of Rockville and Maurice Green of Silver Spring. Automated Test Tube Stopper Remover. Patent No. 4,217,798.

Malcolm McMullen of Crofton. Insect Trap. Patent No. 4,217,722. 16 claims.

Edward L. Schiavone of Silver Spring. Electrical Vehicle and Method. Patent No. 4,218,624. 2 claims.

James S. Thompson of Silver Spring. Plate or Similar Article. Design Patent No. D256,416. Term of 14 years.

James S. Thompson of Silver Spring. Knife. Design Patent No. D256,422. Term of 14 years.

Charles Young Jr. Time Delay Firing Device. Patent No. 4,217,826. 5 claims. Virginia

Richard V. Slepetz of Herdon. Motor Housing for Rotating Emergency Vehicle Warning Light. Design Patent No. D256,460. Term of 14 years.

Robert J. Van Sickle of Richmond. Method and Apparatus for Measuring the Axial Displacement (Lateral) of a Tapered Roller Bearing Assembly for Use in Railroad Rolling Stock. Patent No. 4,217,698. 19 claims.

Robert J. Van Sickle of Richmond. Method and Apparatus for Effecting Combined Surface Finishing Operations for a Tapered Roller Bearing Cup. Patent No. 4,217,733. 14 claims. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

John P. Kimball and Cesar A. Caceras. Method and Apparatus for Discrimination and Detection of Heart Sounds. Patent No. 4,220,160. 14 claims.

Moshe Friedman of Washington and Michael G. Ury of Bethesda. Current Reducing Device. Patent Nbo. 4,227,170. 6 claims.

Claim: Defines the invention and sets forth the bounds of the property rights granted the inventor .