The Inter-American Development Bank has sold, outside the United States, two issues of short-term bonds totaling $93.7 million. The first issue of $68.7 million is known as the "Short-Term Dollar Bonds, Ordinary Capital, 16th Issue," and the second issue of $25 million is known as the "Short-Term Dollar Bonds, Inter-Regional Capital, Fourth Issue." Both consist of one-year bonds, due April 15, 1982, bearing a yearly interest rate of 13.53 percent payable semiannually. The proceeds of the issues will be used to refund bonds that are due April 15, 1981. The ordinary capital issue was sold to central banks and other governmental agencies in Argentina, Barbados, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Repubulic, Ecuador, Guatemale, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay and Venszuela. The inter-regional capital issue was sold to central banks and governmental agencies in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Yugoslavia.

Recent agreements by international lending and financial instutions: World Bank

Two IDA credits totaling 52.6 million in special drawing rights ($67 million) to Sudan for the rehabilitation of pump irrigation schemes on the Blue and White Nile rivers, south of Khartoum. These projects are expected to increase cotton export earnings by stepping up cotton production.

An IDA credit of 9.7 million in special drawing rights ($12 million) to the Yemen Arab Republic to assist the Industrial Bank of Yemen, the country's autonomous development finance institutions, in developing the nascent industrial sector. The credit will supply about half of the bank's funding needs in 1981-83. About $11.25 million will be used to finance a credit line for subloans to small and medium-scale projects. Another $250,000 will support staff training abroad.

The World Bank and the IDA have approved an imports program to support the rehabilitation of the manufacturing sector in Zimbabwe. A total of about $65 million will be provided to the government of Zimbabwe. This is the first lending operation by the bank and the IDA to Zimbabwe since the country became a member of the two institutions in September 1980. The imports program loan and credit will assist Zimbabwe to increase utilization of its manufacturing capacity and to sustain an expanded level of production. It will finance imports of raw materials, spare parts, balancing equipment and components.

An IDA credit of 23.6 million in special drawing rights ($30 million) for assisting small-scale industrial enterprises in Pakistan. The credit will be used to help provide funds for establishing new enterprises or assisting existing ones through the Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan, which will refinance subloans by five commercial banks.

A $90 million loan to Brazil to help finance a project aimed at improving urban transport services in several medium-sized cities, particularly oriented to benefit low-income residents. The project's main objective is to improve transport infrastructure and operation in two medium-sized cities, including several state capitals and important urban areas.

A $7 million loan to the Bahamas for a vocational and technical education project. The project is expected to have a major impact in increasing the number and quality of graduates in key fields of skill training. The institutions supported by the project will have an estimated annual output of about 1,300 skilled personnel, which is expected to meet the country's needs for 1980-90. The project will help strengthen the institutional capacity of the technical and vocational education systems.It also will help distribute training opportunities to less developed areas and to low-income families.

A $33 million loan to Colombia to help finance the first phase of the investment program of the National Feeder Roads Fund. The project consists of the engineering and construction of about 710 kilometers of rural roads and the rehabilitation of another 710 kilometers. It also includes the purchase of hand tools for labor-intensive maintenance and the provision of maintenance equipment and spare parts. Inter-American Development Bank

A $1.2 million technical cooperation grant to finance the preparation of agricultural projects in Latin American member countries. The program will be carried out jointly by the bank and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, which is based in Costa Rica. Export Import Bank

A $32.9 million credit to Rivlec Nigeria Ltd. for the purchase of $43.9 million in U.S. goods and services to contruct a 100,000 ton-per-year mini-steel mill. The mill will produce rods and bars from scrap metal.

A $4.8 million loan to Royal Air Maroc of Morocco for the purchase of a Boeing 737-200 aircraft, a spare engine, a quick-engine-change kit and related spares. The airline intends to use the 737 on its heavily traveled Casablanca/Paris run.

A $54.9 million loan to Ansett Aviation Equipment Pty., Ltd., a subsidiary of Ansett Transport Industries Inc., for the purchase of five Boeing B-767 aircraft, four B-727s and nine B-737s, with a total U.S. contract value of $456.9 million. The aircraft will be used on Ansett's existing domestic routes.

A $172.6 million credit to the Government of Israel for the purchase of two B-737s and four B-767s, with a total U.S. contract price of $230 million.

A $26.4 million loan to Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas, Las Truchas, S.A., the government-owned Mexican steel company, for the purchase of $36.1 million in U.S. equipment and services to construct an iron ore pelletizer plant and related materials handling facilities.

A $6.7 million credit to Tunamar Pesca e Industria de Tunidos S.A.R.I. of Portugal for the purchase of a 1,200-ton tuna seiner to be used for tuna fishing off West Africa.

Eximbank will establish a $35 million operating facility for the Office Cherifien des Phosphates in Casablanca which will use the facility to finance up to $50 million in U.S. goods and services for various mining and chemical projects. OCP will make a 30 percent cash payment on each project and Eximbank will lend 70 percent.

A $3.6 million loan to Intairdril Ltd. of the Cayman Islands for the purchase of a minimum space platform oil and gas drilling rig to be used under contract to ELF Italiana in the Italian sector of the Adriatic Sea. Total U.S. cost of the rig will be $9.5 million.

A $3 million loan to Cryoinfra S.A. de C.V. of Mexico, a manufacturer, major retailer and wholesaler of liquid gases, for the purchase of $7 million in U.S. goods and services to build an air separator plant at Toluca near Mexico City.