Discount Record and Book Shop, one of the area's oldest and most popular book emporiums, has sold the leases on all three of its stores, turning the page on more than a quarter century of business in the Washington area.

Last week, Discount owner Robert Bialek sold the lease to his flagship store at 1342 Connecticut Ave. near Dupont Circle to Record and Tape Ltd. The lease to Discount's White Flint store, which opened four years ago, was purchased recently by B. Dalton Booksellers. Bialek's Friendship Heights store now is owned by Discurio Records and Tapes.

John Olsson, owner of Record and Tape and former manager of Discount's Dupont Circle store, said he plans to reopen the store in two weeks after some "cosmetic renovations." The layout of the store will be changed so that the record section will become the book section and vice versa. In addition, Olsson plans to reopen the store's 19th Street entrance.

"This is a great location," he said, citing the store's proximity to office buildings, condominiums and and subway. With the addition of the old Discount location and a new store in Alexandria, Record and Tape will have four locations in the Washington area.

Bialek opened his store in 1952 as Discount Record Shop, and added books to his wares nine years later.