The dollar was mixed against major foreign currencies yesterday as foreign-exchange controls imposed by the French government had little impact in quiet preholiday trading. The dollar hit a new high against the Italian lire.

Gold was mixed but with small changes. In Zurich it was $2 lower at the close at $473.50 an ounce. In London it closed at $474.50, a $1 loss on the day.

The New York gold price was lower than the European closing rates -- $470.50 -- but up from Thursday's $469 close. The Comex settled gold at $470 an ounce, up from $467. Silver remained under pressure, dropping to $10.54 an ounce from $10.68, and it settled at $10.53, compared with $10.68.

The dollar, after strong gains Thursday and early Friday, slipped back to close slightly lower overall.

In Paris foreign-exchange controls and higher interest rates imposed by the new Mitterrand government helped strengthen the franc, but its biggest boost came against other currencies in the European Monetary System.

In Paris the dollar fell to 5.5725 francs from 5.59275.

In London the pound rose to $2.0730 from $2.0695 and inched up to $2.0740 in New York.