Sally Behn has been named president of Ferris & Co. Inc.She began her career with the investment banking and brokerage firm in 1965. George Ferris Jr. remains as the company's chief executive officer.

Prior to her promotion, Behn was executive vice president for Ferris. Among her business and community activities are: treasurer of the Greater Washington Board of Trade; co-chairman of the Marketing Committee of the Securities Industries Association; and a member of the executive committee of the Washington, D.C. Convention and Visitors Association.

Behn said she is optimistic about the future of the regional economy and that the company's challenge is "to find more and better ways to serve our customers." Citing the twin impact of inflation and taxes, Behn said Ferris will continue to work "very hard" on its tax-shelter plans as well as building up its money management department. The company has been adding about 20 new brokers a year, but Behn said Ferris intends to stay in the region and not expand nationally.

"Investing has become so complex and the opportunities so great that we can't afford to sit still." she said. "We are constantly strengthening what we have and finding new ways to serve clients' needs."

Ferris also named Robert E. Long and James E. Tighe to its board of directors. Other promotions include: Daniel P. Stevens, vice president and treasurer, Alvin James Jr., vice president and comptroller; John S. Montgomery, vice president and internal auditor; Charles H. Gobin III, Arnold J. Lerman and Lyman W. Harbottle, vice presidents, and Dorothy M. Lambert, assistant vice president.