Jennifer Branigan of 3659 North Harrison St. in Arlington, recently was granted U.S. plant patent No. 4,688 for a new and distinct variety of azelea plant. Branigan has named her novel plant the DJO, after the D.J. O'Connell High School in Arlington where she is a junior.

When Branigan was a student at St. Agnes School in 1976, she hybridized the plant for a science fair school project. Branigan continued her research after she went on to O'Connell. She has literally thousands of plants as the result of this work.

Branigan was O'Connell's representative at the Arlington Area Science Fair this year and won the best of the fair. As a result she will represent Northern Virginia later this month at the International Science Fair to be held in Milwaukee. She was also a Navy top winner making her a National Finalist for the $1,000 scholarship and a chance to become one of the 14 winners to attend a seminar in Hawaii later.

Patents granted recently to residents of Maryland and Virginia. MARYLAND

Russell M. Bear of Severn. Electro-Mechanical-Chemical Firearm Device. Patent No. 4,220,443 7 claims.

Milton J. Borgoyn of Glen Burnie and Archer S. Mitchell of Silver Spring. Ion Drag Pumped Heat Pipe. Patent No. 4,220,195. 13 claims

Scott Dankman, Richard C. Levy and Bryan L. McCoy of Silver Spring. Toy Vehicle. Patent No. 4,219,962. 36 claims.

Darrell D. Fish of Timonium. Box. Design Patent No. D256,670. Term of 14 years.

Norris C. Hekimian of Rockville. AM-PM Conversion for Measuring Delay Distortion. Patent No. 4,220,914. 20 claims.

Richard A. Knazek and Pietro M. Cullino of Bethesda. Capillary Cell Culture Device. Patent No. 4,220,725. 11 claims.

Daniel D. Musgrave of Cabin John. Magazine Status Indicating Devices. Patent No. 4,219,953. 7 claims.

A. Earl Vivino of Frederick. Administration of Cimetidine to Reduce Appetite and Facilitate Weight Loss in Persons Suffering from Excessive Weight. Patent No. 4,220,653. 5 claims.

John W. Boretos of Rockville and Norio Iriguchi of Shizuoka, Japan. United Three Leaflet Heart Valve. Patent No. 4,222,126. 5 claims.

Herman E. Ellingson of Silver Spring. Long Range Listening System. Patent No. 4,223,311, 1 claim.

Eugene R. Henderson of Baltimore. Building Material. Patent No. 4,222,785. 12 claims.

Philip M. Howe Conowingo. Antipropogation Explosive Packaging Means.

Patent No. 4,222,484. 9 claims.

Clifton E. Jackson of Laurel. Hand Held Disk Launcher. Patent No. 4,222,361. 13 claims.

Helena M. Kedda of Chevy Chase. Process for Making Glass Design Pieces. Patent No. 4,222,759. 3 claims.

Peter S. Kimmel of Bethesda. Light Transmitting Structure. Patent No. 4,222,374. 17 claims. VIRGINIA

Harvey L. Anderson Jr. of Alexandria. Two-Way Side Dump Bucket Attachments for Front End Loader. Patent No. 4,220,438. 10 claims.

Thomas S. Blood and Stephen F. Hooker of Arlington. Portable Event Analysis Device. Patent No. 4,220,992. 9 claims.

Jerome G.Lucas of McLean. Off-Hook Initiated Demand Assignment Communications. Patent No. 4,220,821. 11 claims.

Ivo C. Pogonowski of Blacksburg. Double Action, Self-Contained Swage. Patent No. 4,220,034. 5 claims.

Edward B. Sanders of Richmond, et al. Process for Preparing 2-Alkyl Nicotinoids. Patent No. 4,220,781. 5 claims.

Laszlo K. Csatary of Alexandria. Sickbed With Hammock. Patent No. 4,222,133. 2 claims.

Joseph F. Hannigan of Springfield. Method and Apparatus for Camouflage Signature Measurement. Patent No. 4,223,345. 8 claims.

Harry W. Lee Jr., Joseph W. Wallace and James M. Woolard of Richmond. Container. Patent No. 4,222,494. 47 claims.

Dale T. Maza and Glen E. Tomblin of Winchester. Dolly Plate for Refuse Container. Design Patent No. D256,902. Term of 14 years.

John T. Norris of Richmond. Compact Portable Darkroom. Patent No. 4,222,655. 5 claims.

Otis L. Wright of Richmond. Rear-Loading Dual Mode Furnace. Patent No. 4,222,364. 9 claims.

Eugene E. Zang of Centreville, et al. Precision Drafting Instrument. Patent No. 4,222,693. 4 claims.