A random sample of the salaries of some of the area's top labor executives indicates that, when it comes to earnings, it's better to sit on management's side of the table.

Based on figures for salaries for a handful of area labor union officials, pay generally appears to range from the mid-$20,000s to the mid-$40,000s.

For instance, Minor Christian, president of the Hotel & Restaurant Employees Union Local 25, the union with the largest membership in the District of Columbia, makes $24,000. "We don't like to make salaries that are out of the range of the people we represent," Christian said.

Josh Williams, executive assistant to the president of the Greater Washington Central Labor Council AFL-CIO, an association of all the AFL-CIO unions in the area, makes $28,500. Williams is the highest ranking, full-time employe of the central labor body.

Donald MacIntyre, a national vice president of the American Federation of Government union's Washington area local operations, makes $41,657. "And there's no overtime pay," he said. "We fight for the 30-hour week for our members, but we work 100 hours." The union has 92 locals and approximately 23,000 members in the area. It actually represents some 90,000 government workers because its contracts also provide benefits for workers who are not union members.

Dorothy Stuzinski, local administrative officer for the Newspaper Guild, which represents editorial and commercial employes at The Washington Post. The Washington Star and The Baltimore Sun, is paid $42,500. William Simons, president of the Washington Teachers Union, makes $45,000.

Although leaders of national and international unions with headquarters in the Washington area earn more than area laborers do, their salaries also are low compared to the salaries of business executives. For instance, a recent Business Week survey of labor leaders' salaries found that the highest paid union executive was the late Frank B. Fitzsimmons, president of the Teamsters, who earned $174,794 including an allowance and expenses. ALF-CIO President Lane Kirkland was paid a total of $112,292 in salary and expenses.

Of the labor leaders who work in this area, David J. Fitzmaurice, president of the Electrical Workers (IUE), was the lowest paid on the Business Week list with a salary of $52,250 and expenses of $7,992.