Washington area employers are predicting the local jobs outlook for the next three months will be stable, according to a recent survey.

"Overall, 21 percent of the area-employers polled expect to hire additional workers during the third quarter, up slightly from the 20 percent with similar intentions one year ago," said Mitchell S. Fromstein, president of Manpower Inc., a temporary service firm that conducts the quarterly survey. "Another 6 percent expect staff reductions, while 67 percent foresee no change in staff levels and the remaining 6 percent are unsure of their hiring plans."

In Maryland, 25 percent of those polled said they expected to add to their staffs during the next three months, while 10 percent expected to make staff reductions, the report said. Of the Maryland employers, 64 percent said they expected no change in hiring and 1 percent said they were unsure what they would do.

In Virginia, 21 percent of those surveyed said they expected to hire more, although 30 percent expressed that intention last year. Staff reductions were expected by 4 percent of the employers and 68 percent said they expected no change in their numbers of workers.

In the District, 12 percent of the employers said they expect to add employes, but none said they looked forward to reductions. Another 71 percent said they expect no change in hiring and 17 percent said they were unsure.

District and Maryland employers expected hiring gains in the construction, wholesale and retail trade and Virginia employers said jobs would be available in contracting, financial institutions and service firms.