A relatively small new office building will be started next year in the City of Fairfax as the result of a recent exchange agreement between a general partnershiop developer and the city government.

The Fairfax City Council recently traded a 66,624-square-foot site in the growing Fairfax County municipal center complex on Page Avenue near Main Street and Chain Bridge Road, to City Square Partnership for a 60,000-square-foot parcel known as the Draper tract, adjacent to the city hall on Armstrong Street between Chain Bridge and University roads. That site is about three blocks from the other tract.

Developer Glenn W. Saunders, a member of the partnership with Anton Yergat, said the city was reluctant to see a new private building erected near its city hall and turned down a request of rezoning. But the developers decided to appeal, Saunders said. Then the city government offered a land swap, which was willingly accepted.

Saunders said the new site, zoned C-1, is surrounded by acres of Fairfax County buildings and a small cemetery that will be shielded by trees. Saunders said the land swap represents an "excellent example of cooperation between private and public sectors."

A private developer for three years, Saunders was Fairfax city manager from 1956 until 1971, then was a top executive in the development of the town of Reston until 1978. He said the new City Square Partnership now is considering major tenants for participation in the ownership of the four-story office building planned for Page Avenue.