The fight for control of Government Services ysavings and Loan of Bethesda is scheduled to go to court today in Montgomery County, where dissident shareholders are asking for a permanent injunction to delay the firm's annual meeting.

The dissidents over the weekend sent stockholders their slate of nominees to oppose the incumbent board of directors at the annual election.

The slate is led by Edmund A. Baker Jr., president of Town & Country Properties, a Northern Virginia real estate firm, and chairman of a group of investors unhappy about Government Services loss of $4 million in the last 15 months.

The annual meeting was originally scheduled for Friday, but Baker's group last week obtained a temporary court order delaying the meeting until Aug. 27.

Today the Montgomery County Circuit Court is to decide whether to extend that order to accept a bid by Government Services' attorneys to lift the order.

Baker's group claims the meeting date was moved up two weeks by the incumebnt board to make it more difficult for the dissidents to solicit the support of other stockholder for their nominees.

Including Baker, the group nominated eight persons for seats on the board and endorsed two current board members, Jeffrey R. Scholz and Thomas C. Miller. The Baker slate includes former Maryland congressman Newton I Steer Jr.; Philip R. Wills II, president of Wills Investment Inc.; atorneys Edward F. Schiff and Lawrence Z. Bulman; Emile Karson, head of a private venture capital firm; Charles H. Seilheilmer Jr.; president of Sotheby, Parke, Bernet International Realty; and J. Franklin Groff.