When Booeymonger filed plans to reorganize under Chapter XI of the federal bankruptcy laws last week, it joined a number of area restaurants.

A high-risk business in the best of times, restaurants are even more vulnerable in these not-so-good times.

Several restaurants have wandered down to the bankruptcy courts in the Washington area in the past year or so to file a Chapter XI. Among them are Adams Rib; Le Premier and La Detente; 1825 M Street Inc. (P.J. Finlay's); Sardis Inc.; B.W. Streeter Inc., doing business in Maryland and Virginia as Arby's Roast Beef; Chuckwagon Barbeque, trading as The Barn-Que, which closed in January; the Greenery on 18th Street (another on H Street is a separate corporation); Mr. Henry's Waldorf Inc., and Enrico's Inc. of Wheaton.

People with less and less disposable income are cutting back on eating out and other discretionary expenditures. "As I talk to the owners of the Greenery, it's never been as bad as it has been this summer," said Richard Gins, the restaurant's attorney, who blames the economy for most of the firm's difficulties.

Names of auto-parts suppliers and dealers occur frequently in bankruptcy filings. They include Dick Blanken Ford, which went into an involuntary filing, and Cardinal Chrysler-Dodge of Culpepper.

Some of the better-known names on bankruptcy court dockets include:

* Campbell's Music, which filed in May, citing a decline in sales and a cash shortage.

* Chafitz Electronics, which filed in June. Chafitz, one of the nation's largest retailers of home computers and specialty electronic devices said it was filing because of costs associated with a lawsuit.

* Quanta Systems Corp. of Rockville, which specializes in advanced technology systems. Quanta said it was "unable to pay its bills."

All three firms sought court protection under federal bankruptcy laws to allow them to reorganize and begin paying their debts.

Among those caught in the slowdown in housing sales and the acceleration of interest rates are building-supply firms, mortgage companies, small real estate businesses and builders.