The U.S. dollar was mixed on European markets yesterday and slightly lower in New York. Gold eased in Europe but was higher in U.S. trading.

In Zurich gold fell $3.75 an ounce from Wednesday's close to $411.75, in London it closed $3 lower at $412, and in New York it finished $3.50 higher at $416. The New York Commodity Exchange settlement price was $417.50, up from $412.40.

Silver rose to $915 an ounce from $8.85, and it settled on the Comex at $917, up from $8.868.

In London the pound fell to $1.8415 from $1.8445, and it went down to $1.8360 in New York.

In Tokyo, the dollar rose to 231.40 yen from 230.65, then came back to 230.50 in U.S. trading hours.

European closing rates with late New York prices in parentheses: Frankfurt, 2.47675 marks, down from 2.47725 (2.4735); Zurich, 2.15625 Swiss francs, up from 2.15125 (2.1430); Paris, 5.93 French francs, up from 5.92375 (5.9325); Brussels, unchanged at 43.65 Belgian francs (40.55); and Milan, 1233.45 lire, down from 1239.80 (1232).

The Canadian dollar rose sharply to 83.06 U.S. cents fron 82.36 after the Bank of Canada raised the bank rate to 20.07 percent, reflecting a 20.82 percent average yield on 91-day Treasury bills.