The District government yesterday presented a sneak preview of some of the prime property it plans to auction off later this month to help balance its budget.

Included in the presentation to prospective bidders at the Capital Hilton hotel were closed-circuit television viewing of the old firehouse at 3212 M St. NW, a prime Georgetown address. It will be auctioned off on Sept. 28 with a minimum bid of $340,000.

The Corcoran School, at 28th and M streets NW, next to the Rock Creek Park and M Street commercial area will be auctioned on Sept. 22 with a minimum bid of $2 million. The south side of M Street contains a retail and hotel complex, and an office and retail building is being constructed at 29th and M streets, according to D.C. government officials. Existing zoning would allow development of homes with office and retail or hotel and retail as well as chanceries.

The Georgetown incinerator at 31st and Water streets, which may have been the site of George Washington's watering hole, will be auctioned on Sept. 24 with a minimum bid of $4 million. As part of the Waterfront zone district, the property can be developed for several uses, including homes, office buildings, stores, hotels, recreation areas or open space, city officials said.

Six other parcels in Northeast and Northwest with minimum bidding prices totaling $2.5 million were also previewed to an assortment of developers, attorneys and city officials.

The government is auctioning the nine most attractive parcels at public auction, and another eight lots wll be sold by sealed bids. The government will decide later how it would sell 10 other properties.

The sale is expected to net the city about $15 million and will return the property to the tax rolls, city officials have said. They also hope it will result in construction projects and create hundreds of new jobs.

To the government "the properties are useless," said Jean Oliver of the Office of Surplus Property. "We want to get the properties back on the tax rolls. We're going to realize millions of dollars of tax revenues."

Some of the properties scheduled for sealed bidding this month include the Old Eckington Elementary School at 1615 First St. NE, a two-story garage at 1323 Naylor Court NW, a two-story police station at 2301 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. and Morse Elementary School and an adjacent lot at 440 R St. NW.