Muhammed A. Rahman of Arlington has just been granted U.S. Patent No. 4,291,675 for a Solar Energy Collector that he has invented after many years of research and study.

Rahman was born in Bangladesh 51 years ago and is now a citizen of this country. He is working on a doctor's degree at George Washington University, worked at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Houston from 1964 to 1970 and has been working in Occupational Safety and Health Administration at the Labor Department since 1971, and says he is looking for some firm to manufacture and market his invention.

The Rahman Solar Energy Collector is different from other collectors as it not only contains a minimum of parts, but is said to be easy to manufacture and service. In fact, once it has been installed where it can receive rays from the sun, it is designed to need practically no servicing other than cleaning from time to time.

The device consists of a frame or holder in which is located an accordian-like shaped member comprising a plurality of inverted V-like members. This part of the invention is made from one piece of solar energy-absorbing material. A plurality of sprinkler pipes that vary in size is located directly under the apex of each inverted V-like member, as can be seen in the drawing of this invention above. Water flows through the pipes and is sprayed on the underside of the inverted V-like members, where it is heated by the sun rays. The hot water falls to the bottom of the collector where it is additionally heated by the bottom or lower point of the V-like members touching the water, which is now collected in a storage tank and ready for use.

This invention, which has no moving parts, can be made of any desired size for small home- or large-building use. One big advantage of this solar energy collector is that the energy absorber does not have to be focused towards the sun's rays. It is a fixed member that will collect the heat from the sun at any and all angles.

Rahman has one other invention he is working on. The present patent contains nine claims, and is no doubt a big contribution to the solar energy-collection industry as it's far advanced from anything yet to appear.

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