Fusion Systems Corp. of Rockville recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding with an open house attended by more than 200 local and state government leaders, businessmen and citizens. The company manufactures high intensity ultraviolet (UV) lamp equipment used for curing or drying industrial inks and coatings on papers, metals, plastics and other materials.

"We wanted to let the community know more about us, what we produce, and how we produce it," explained company president Donald M. Spero. No Fusion Systems equipment "falls into the consumer products category," he said.

Several years ago, Spero and his associates developed and patented high-power electrodeless lamps using a fusion process. The lamps start instantly, have a high UV efficiency and produce little heat. Used industrially with special UV sensitive ink, these lamps reduce energy consumption and eliminate the air pollution and natural gas requirements of earlier systems. Fusion Systems has become the leading domestic supplier of UV curing equipment over the last decade, and its products are currently in use around the world.

Among the items finished by Fusion Systems UV lamps are all Coors beer cans, Kentucky Fried Chicken styrofoam drink cups, no-wax floor tiles and record album jackets. The company has grown about 25 percent annually since its founding and has annual sales of about $3.5 million.

Also celebrating an anniversary, its 25th, is Washington's Diplomat Parking Inc. Diplomat and its subsidiaries, RPG Management Corp. and Diplomat Parking Enterprises Inc. operate about 40 parking facilities in the area, and manage garages for office buildings, hospitals, hotels and others. Robert L. Edenbaum, its founder, is a director of the National Parking Association.