Two Carter-era White House officials will publish a Monday-through-Friday newsletter designed along the lines of the White House news summary.

Janet McMahon, former editor of the Carter White House news summary, and Patricia Bario, a deputy press secretary to former President Carter, will produce the news summary, which will be published in Arlington.

Bario said the 12-page summary will be hand-delivered about 9 a.m. to subscribers in the Washington area and hand-delivered about midday to subscribers in New York City. Other readers will receive the publication by mail.

It will summarize reports and quote editorials from 150 daily newspapers and contain a summary of the previous evening's television news. In addition to news summaries, the newsletter will contain a few editorial cartoons and verbatim quotes from editorials.

Bario said the service is distinct from a clipping service because the news is presented with more judgment and is summarized rather than being presented in full length and multiple copies.

"We make the readers aware of the story by giving them the guts of it," Bario said.

The service has fewer than 100 subscribers so far. By the end of the year its publishers anticipate that approximately 1,000 readers will pay $650 a year to receive the service.