Temporaries Inc., a firm that supplies temporary employes for offices in 18 major markets across the country, recently concluded its eighth annual Christmas food drive with a record collection of over 50,000 cans of food and $15,000 in cash donations.

The money was raised at the group's first annual Food for Christmas Ball and at several "guest bartender" nights with local media and sports personalities serving as bartenders. It has been used to purchase wholesale canned food for the poor in the District, Maryland and Virginia.

The food will be distributed to needy residents in the District by the Senior Citizens Counseling and Delivery Service, in Maryland by HELP-FISH groups and in Virginia by United Community Ministries.

The central donation point for the week-long food drive was at the Connecticut Connection, with additional "drop points" around the metropolitan area. The two guest bartenders' nights took place in Northwest Washington at Rumors and Nathan's, in Rosslyn at The View, in Montgomery County at Raindancer and in Prince George's County at Crossroads Country Nightclub. About $3,000 was collected each night.

The ball, which was open to the public, was held at the Forrestal Building in Southwest Washington.

Chris John, chairman of the drive, said the group has calculated the wholesale cost of a can of food at 76 cents. That would mean that each of the three regions will receive about 6,600 cans of food from the ball proceeds alone.

The annual drive originated as a holiday collection within Temporaries' offices. During the first seven years of its existence as a charity drive drawing on the resources of the general public, over 61,000 cans of food were gathered.